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Trade Dictionary in English, Spanish and French

This Trade Dictionary includes 1200 terms and phrases used in export and import operations. In three languages: English, Spanish and French.

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Spanish English French
Canales de comercialización

Trade channels

Cannaux de commercialisation
Canales de distribución

Market channels

Cannaux de distribution


Cancelar un pedido

Cancel an order

Annuler une commande


Cantidad total

Total quantity

Quantité totale
Capacidad de carga

Cargo capacity

Capacité de charge
Capacidad de pago

Credit rating

Capacité de paiement
Capacidad excedente

Excess capacity

Capacité excédentaire
Capacidad productiva

Product capabilities

Capacité productive


Capital circulante

Operating capital, working capital

Fonds de roulement
Capital desembolsado

Paid-up capital

Capital versé
Capital inicial

Basic capital

Capital initial
Capital riesgo

Venture capital

Capital-risque, capital spéculatif
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