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Trade Dictionary in English, Spanish and French

This Trade Dictionary includes 1200 terms and phrases used in export and import operations. In three languages: English, Spanish and French.

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Spanish English French

Mature, expiry

Expirer, périmer

Maturity, expiration

Expiration, péremption
Caja de ahorros

Savings bank

Caisse d'épargne
Cálculo de costes


Calcul des coûts
Cámara de Comercio

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber de Commerce


Cambio a plazo

Forward rate

Tarif à terme
Cambio al contado

Spot rate

Change au comptant
Cambio comprador

Buying rate

Taux d'achat
Cambio fijo

Fixed exchange rate

Taux du change fixe
Cambio flotante

Floating exchange rate

Taux flottants
Cambio oficial

Official exchange rate

Taux de change officiel
Cambio vendedor

Selling rate

Taux de vente

Truck, lorry

Campaña publicitaria

Advertising campaign

Campagne publicitaire
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